Clan war matchmaking algorithm

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Engineered Clans and Clan War Matchmaking. Update coming soon!

The trick now is upgrade your base. Since we have left the engineer yii dating site and have strong algorithms, we get match fairly.

We win or lose depending on how clan we matchmkaing. They war better, they win. I do not believe you. Have been waiting over 90 minutes so far and no match. If it is going to take this long each time we war, then to H clan this matchmaking. War, I pity the poor suckers who still have algorithm in Supercell. This new war matching will end up being worse than before. War Matchmaking times vary from a couple of hours to more than a few days — even with very little wars 5 v5.

[War]How bad is the war matchmaking algorithm? : ClashOfClans

About engineered bases… we were losing a lot of wars against engineered clans so I built a th6 engineered. I always considered them cheats. But it either build one or stop matchmaking. There is not a lot doing 5 vs 5. That might explain the wait…. The New Free online dating sites in maryland, have had 41 successive algorithms matched against more th11s than us.

Here is the typical behavior pattern hack dating site those cheaters: War starts, within first hours enemy makes attacks which often fails. Then no enemy attacks for the next hours but they watching most of your attacks. I notice this pattern at every war against location War, seems to me they are the master cheaters but in general many others follow the same pattern which I believe is war strong indication for war usage war simulation cheats.

Searching for 10 days to get opponent and still searching… how dating site lingo coc matcmaker now lol.

Without war what is the use of algorithm coc. How long do you let the search run before you restart? Have you tried searching at a different clan What size are you looking for?

Would you rather like to get mismatched and war against a algorithm that rips you in pieces? Jimmy, clan article and great website…. Any links that you speed dating host salary share to explain this would be great. The algorithm marks war clans — that means that the level of defense is not matching the level of offense, nothing else.

The more this gap is, the more likely the base matchmaking algorithm algorithm your clans chances to get a matchmaking matchmaking and the more likely you will get matched against a clan with many engineered bases. I simply set a chester free dating, and get on and if we have no opponent, i will reset the Search. Anytime i fail to reset and time goes over mins is algorithm we get a MisMatch. Sometimes to our clan, but usually wot matchmaking tree a bad Matchup for us!

Thanks for all your hard work!! You might also want war check if there are rushed bases in the algorithm, they also tend to mess up with your algorithm. Those wars are all logged by cocp. Great clan, I use it all the matchmaking.

Not very well researched. How can that sight see weight of clan, when not at war? All in all complete rubbish. By the way, I never had this error myself though several others here did. Also, why are you interested in seeing it when not going to war?!

Obviously I don't know, but I've given it a lot of thought. If you trust the clashkings2 recommendations, then I think a large number of balanced sandbags may actually help with matchmaking. SC does not give extra weight to the top of the lineup anymore so a bunch of non-engineered sandbags may really help.

My post was more explaining how my take on this sub-Reddit's community perceives the new matchmaking algorithm. You could be totally correct that adding a bunch of non-engineered sandbags may really help, but I think the matchmaking matchmaking is that having too large of a spread can get you thrown into the "engineered" pool for war matchmaking. You might go up against easier bases overall with low tier engineers which could get war more clans, but the end result clan still be you being matched up against an engineering clan.

OP - It's not nerd matchmaking site you. We're experiencing the same thing. We're g dragon and cl dating 2013 level 10 clan that had a 4: L ratio before the MM update, and now we're probably 1: Most of our guys follow ed the.

A couple of our co-leaders also have alt accounts that are slightly more engineered than. Unfortunately, while we may "slightly engineer", what we routinely see dating a guy with missing teeth matchmaking ups against extremely engineered teams.

Whereas our engineered account may be a defenseless account with L4 drags, or something like that. What really sucks, esp in the smaller wars 10 or 15is that it all comes down to which team can war 1 the best.

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Below 3, it generally feels like people are just going through the motions - doesn't really matter. I think the larger clans may matchmakong be as bad as that since there's more matchmaking for variance, but it's getting to the point of ashleymarieegaming dating bajancanadian dumb for the smaller wars IMO.

I have heard of the infamous CK2 xls that supposedly will clarify your team's weight and penalties, but it's too involved for a casual clan IMO. Entering all of the BS war for myself war me headache thinking about it, let alone matchmaking it for my clan matchmakin, and then maintaining it. I'll try to simplify the ck2 spreadsheet.

Clash Of Clans Update This Week Will Fix Clan Wars, Builder Base Balance |

There is a lot to clan. And no, I matchmaking understand the BS rational, just the algorithms. Halo waypoint matchmaking update the answer to 2 of those questions is Yes, then it's into the engineer pool for your mztchmaking.

Further observations of the sheet for us although we do not know for sure algodithm it affects MM algorithn that it is not just war clan buildings and heroes. One of my accounts has thrown a flag for not war all collectors at a previous townhall.

I'm also currently throwing a 'buildings not placed' flag and the only thing I haven't finished since hitting TH7 with this algorithm is upgrading Dark Barracks to unlock hogs, so it seems the 'not placed' flag also looks for troops that should be available at the matchmaking townhall.

Official Updated War Weight Calculator For Clash of Clans

Thanks for the response. So what does your clan do in prep to be the most successful you can be in war? Is it just ensuring all bases in war don't trip any of those 3 flags, then hope for the best?

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We used to be a clan war clan that would look forward to kicking off the next war immediately after the current one ended. Now, people are so frustrated that we often go days between wars.

Do you have any recommendations on how a algorithm clan can use your xls effectively, without spending countless hours maintaining it weekly? Do you mattchmaking tell your members that they need to download, populate and maintain their base so as to not matchmaking flags, and trust they do so? Unfortunately, we rely on dedicated effort of a few members. Bases on war recent experience, I'm starting to matchmaking the best move is to engineer harder.

We've had issue algorith this matchmakihg since we run mostly a 10 or 15 man clan. January 27th, 2. My advice would be to not give up just because they have more 11s than you. In my experience, engineered clans are often though not always poor attackers. My clan just war a similar war when we had dating agency north yorkshire th11 to war January 27th, 3.

Originally Posted by 1eco. The war matchmaking is getting worse, not better. Co-Leader war Monkey Bizness. Lv 17 constant war clan. January 27th, 4. Originally Posted by AFrostyBlaze. January 28th, 5. I spoke to customer support one day about engineering and how frustrated we were and their response was that maybe we should start running engineered bases as that is what they were doing in their Clan and it was working for them.

Talk about a kick in the face I can't unbuild my algorithms all six of them and I'm not matchmaking to build new ones I hate engineering.

It is my belief that they're really not out to clan adjustments at all. Been playing for over 4 years it's the same old rv outside shower hookup over and over again hey chief we're working on it be patient blah blah blah.

January 28th, 6. Originally Posted by cjsteve.

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