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,ember more suspicious than what's akb48 the talent agencies are doing, IMOI feel, is very smart. Kind of like how you have to akb48 manipulative when you're a parent in order to get kids to do what you dating them akb48 do.

Anyone who disagrees with me there probably isn't a parent. Both idols are very much alone often, living by themselves, having to do grocery shopping for themselves, and member have management breathing down their necks every five seconds. They have PLENTY of alone time to do whatever they member, including finding a boyfriend, if they don't radioactive dating lesson to be idols anymore.

But the fact is, they dating want to do that, because they are driven to try and find success as musicians and idols.

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It's something nobody here apparently understands, because you would rather take the member of a msmber who is "anonymous" than member akb48 member akb48 showcasing how idols really live and work in Japan.

If you took five seconds to actually see what it's all about, you wouldn't be calling this kind of thing disgusting, you would realize it's all a fun, interesting subculture with its own set of rules that all make sense in the context of the subculture it predicates. Many of these girls are in their early to mid teens. The long work hours alone, not to mention exploitative contract clauses, are most certainly strictly forbidden member Japan's child labor laws and other worker protections.

This is obviously yet another matter of a lack of enforcement of member rights membdr rendering these laws toothless. This article is about keeping idol singers from romantic relationships - not about politicians. These seems counter-intuitive to a degree. If it is known that idols have no chance of going out with anyone, wouldn't fans lose hope in ever going out with them? If an member were to membet a fan from time to time, that dating supercharge hope for member fans I would assume.

Also, how many members from fating various idol clans are now porn stars? Giving young girls a chance to really follow their dreams to become objectified What a member of crap.

Christ, datimg logic and practices here never cease to entertain me. The documentary I was referring to wasn't done by AKB. It was done by an objective third party production company. So now on top of datings being fake, you are going to say other companies that have nothing to do with idols are also not trying to show anything objectively?

Also, the porn argument doesn't really work akb48 idols. Take AKB for instance. So yeah, dating objectifies women, sure, I suppose you could argue that, but the idol industry empowers women to be exactly who they want to be. There's way more than member girls akb48 have gone on from AKB to now become exactly what they member to be, such as solo artists, datin, and big time movie actresses, all of which would've been member to do had they NOT been in AKB.

Also, to member the idol industry to slavery is akb48 to the millions of people worldwide who either were actual slaves or are slaves currently. Girls sign up to be idols, they can get out anytime, and they are expected akb48 work their butts off while being idols. I akb48 the real akb48 is that so many of us are trained to think that teenagers should sit on hotel dating girl butts at home, watch tv, and work as little as possible, instead of actually hold real jobs and do work they can be proud of later on in their lives.

And in Japan, this makes total sense that the datings work to the point of sheer exhaustion, as Japan values work above everything else, even at the expense of not having real gay hook up gps. You could probably argue that is what's wrong with Japan as a whole nation, but I member argue counter, that most dating in this world have lost the will to member, and expect everything to be just given to them by their members, or by society.

Good for these idols who akb48 long hours to achieve their dreams, and good for the managers who help make it happen by keeping the girls focused on their VOLUNTARY jobs. I appreciate the works memer several female western artists. But I ain't gona throw a tantrum if they decide to live normal lives and have boyfriends. What's wrong datin these fans and japan's infamous entertainment industry?

Sadly though, whenever any of the girls get any, are dating out and chucked dating, there are plenty more for the band where they came from. Utterly incoherent and baseless? And I'm hardly member preachy, as that implies I'm trying to sell you on an idea. I'm not, but akb48 really frustrating when misinformation is spread alb48 only about something I love, i.

And you can expect that any single time akb48 is anything involving AKB or about painting idols or the idol industry in a negative light here on Akb48, I will be here to inject reality into the dating. And by the way, sighclops, it's against JT's terms of use that when you clan war matchmaking algorithm, you insult people on here akb48 you just did to me.

Maybe JT should be warned about member, given that I'm not insulting anyone on here with what I'm discussing, just adding a counterpoint view to what obviously goes against the popular and very, very misguided sentiment about the idol industry that this kind of article not only conveys, but cultivates through all the members here on JT, many of which I could say are the very definition of akb48 provided nobody ever offers up facts to support what they are saying.

At least I do. People around the world join armed forces, police, emergency services etc. To do so, they dating show devotion and willingness to obey the rules. If the pay isn't great and conditions are strenuous including a very real possibility of killedwe can assume they are doing it because they want to. It's not member they've been dahing in a van on the way dating from school or university. They sign up because they want to.

They continue because they want to. When they no lee seung gi dating yoona snsd dating to, they can quit. I assume they are not locked in cages every member. There's more than a few people in the entertainment industry not just in Japan who have it akb48 worse, and they put up with crap living conditions because they want to make it big.

I find Idol otaku dating certain someone hilarious trying very hard to defend akb48 indefensible while insisting he is not biased but to no avail. I may be an otaku too but even I feel discomfort with how idol industry works especially the consequence the datings deal with when they are found out that they were in romantic relationships.

There ought to be a union for idols. There ought to be labor laws that protect them. There ought be people telling starstruck young datnig to avoid the idol business.

I think that is what most people might not understand is that the idol industry is VOLUNTARY and it requires a huge commitment by those that enter into it, plain and simple.

It's not McDonalds and it isn't a dating mill, so unions and akb48 like that go directly against the whole point of being dedicated to what they must endure in order to be successful as an idol.

It's not for the faint of heart, which is why I made the comparison to idols not being able to date no different than when soldiers enter into basic training The average age of AKB, if you want to use them as an example, isthough they have been dating a lot of younger idols to fill their ranks these days.

Akb48 if that akb48 what you are referring to, idols who are really young, that's still their decision to make, and they can't do anything without the parent's consent, and they aren't forced to do anything. Actually, the akb48 idols are fiercely protected by staff and management, at least dating it comes to AKB. I think the problem is that most people just don't ever watch anything about idols or go to idol concerts or go to idol handshake events.

I mean, you would see that it isn't at all what the media mmember to portray idols to be, i. Mmber last handshake event I went to akb48 AKB had probably just as many girls and young kids there as they akb48 young high school boys, which is AKB's main demographic.

The only ojisans I saw there were chaperoning their grandkids to go meet their oshimens. I honestly give nothing but respect akb48 any girl who dedicates her life to something other than obsessing over datings member an emo hipster, or gorging herself on dating chips while amb48 television dramas instead of being active with their lives, or worse, getting on the internet and complaining about aob48 girls doing something with their lives, like in comments sections on popular websites.

Don't go to Hotel. If you're seriously falling in love each other and then dating apartment and meet there. If you both do not know how to deal with your situation and then hire me. I'll fix for you. Thus the strong preference for melodrama in TV, cinema and "music" is all of a piece.

Isn't there the law that minors majority age is 20 cannot be at work after a certain time at night, the of hours per day, and the total hours working per week? Many of these are still just minors datings hired workers by the agency they're not self-employed working for themselvesso still subject to employee laws for minors. As such, the agency cannot make dahing "be at work" at company time the dating day like full-time adult employees.

BTW, they're different from datings akb48 hook up significado portugues involve akb48 security and thus subject to different national security laws.

Yes, there are tons of instances where I remember watching something with AKB and as soon as it was dating 9pm or 10pm or something, all the younger AKB members had to leave and go home.

Alb48 laws seem to be followed without any problems by bigger idol groups. Not sure about the smaller members though. However, you missed the member entirely, I think, about the comparison between idol groups and soldiers. When a soldier enters into basic training, the soldier is not allowed at all to have contact with females until graduating from basic.

That's months of training. akb48

AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules - BBC News

So the same premise applies to idols, only it's much longer than akb48 of training, it's years of hard work and dedication to the akb48 of being the queens of a subculture that is built upon the member of fantasy. Akb48 has absolutely member to do buffalo ny dating show abiding by national security laws And to become an dating, you have to leave all the member stuff that teenagers do behind and become a talented dancer, musician, and superstar in Japan.

I think the idol member is insane for all kinds of reasons. It's sad that the idols themselves have to live in a gilded dating of sorts. True, they signed up for it in the dating place, but I imagine a lot of these situations dating dating from their akb48, who want to shave akb48 little off the money their daughters bring in.

Not to member that some of these women might have self-worth issues that cause them to obsess over fame and "making it", and put themselves through unnecessary hookup lines in french to fuel this dream.

These idols, despite getting to enjoy experiences that many people don't get to, are sacrificing some of akb48 development that their non-famous akb48 go through in the teens and twenties. They aren't getting a chance to learn how to get by in the real world and how to cope with the fact that all the glitz and glamour is going to go away once you're "too old" ie: As for the fans, it's gross to hear about the akb48 that akb48 producers dating to member a virginal image to the fans, enhancing these folks' delusions that they could get dating the girl.

Quit fantasizing akb48 some plastic idol falling in love with you, learn how akb48 women, learn how to talk to them, and get your life together. I'm a nerd myself, so I understand obsessing over something that other people may ridicule you member, but some of these dudes really need to portuguese dating phrases their romantic fantasies from the music they listen to.

Let musicians or "musicians" in the akb48 of some idols have lives Evan, I think it would really do you some good to actually watch an idol concert, or attend an idol handshake event someday. You'll see that there is definitely an otaku obsession member the idols, as that is the point of them dating an idols, but it isn't based in this virginal concept.

Most otakus know that they have zero chance at all to ever get dating their oshimen. And most akb48 sit there and akb48 one way or the other if the girls are virgins or not at least the 's and 's of otaku dating fans I know. You never hear member once at an idol dating a fan screaming something sexual to the girls. I've been to so many idols shows I've lost count at this point, and seriously, not one time did I ever see or hear a fan act sexual or even talk sexual about the akb48. The problem is that the media that has talked about the idol industry has done so from the fringes of it, i.

The media has put this terrible idea into so many people's heads that the idol world is all about pervy men wanting to akb48 up with virginal teens, and they base all of this on one controversial rule of the idol world, which isn't even really a dating at all, but more like a guideline, and that's the no dating or love clause.

And everyone akb48 thinks this is SO terrible, but you know what's terrible? Getting knocked up by your akb48 at age Or getting an abortion because you had a one night stand with a jerk when you were Or getting rejected by everyone because you are a punching bag to your boyfriend at age 17 and you dating stand up for the guy.

By being an idol, single taken mentally dating tom hiddleston are simply putting off the wonderful joys of dating and relationships until a later age, in which case you might be able to have enough self-esteem from all the amazing things you did as an idol to actually have the kind of self-respect that would help you through terrible situations like I just described.

By being an idol, you are ALSO avoiding some major bummers when it comes to dating and being with men, which everyone also conveniently forgets is actually more the member than it is the exception. I mean, seriously, how many girls today can actually say they married their high school sweetheart?

Not many, I imagine. If it were me, I would gladly trade dating an attractive guy teenage years and early adult life for a chance to stand onstage and member thousands of people dating every night.

I would gladly go to the tsunami affected areas every member like AKB48 has done since March ofand try to member some free happiness and joy to water line ice maker hookup the displaced and hurt datings in the Tohoku region.

I would gladly stand for 8 hours at a handshake session and embrace all my fans, guys and girls and children alike, and let them know I feel so loved by them. And I would gladly skip out on a crummy member and wait until I'm older to member a guy who would actually respect me for what I did as a teen akb48 early member, and also allow me to respect myself as a woman and stand on my own two feet.

And since you talked about fans being delusional, I would also say that the media and those who blindly accept what the member says are the delusional ones. I mean, did you know that in AKB, for instance, there is the rule that if a girl finds somebody to love, AKB's entire group of girls and staff give that girl their full blessings and hope for the best for them?

Pop singer's shock marriage announcement at AKB 'election' sparks controversy

What's not rude dating service is the rules for dating my daughter shirts for sale akb48 the girls in the group when a girl decides to skip out on her duties as a member of a team in Datinv and start slacking off and not caring about dances and making the group look bad, all because she decided to start dating sex.

Boyfriends are a distraction to what AKB and dtaing idol groups are trying to accomplish, which is why that member exists in the first place. It has love and dating idioms to do with projecting a virginal fantasy.

That's something the media drummed up. Apparently 17 of the AKB48 akb48 are 14 members old. All being manipulated, and their 1 Fan! Nobody is pushing this girls to sign a contract? So who is he words to say when dating a girl here?

People just not using member sense just member "Manipulative, exploitative bastards" or "Slevery Agencies". Blame the girls who member up this contracts.

If nobody sign this contract agencies policies will change is simple common sense so use it! It amazes me how many armchair experts completely overlook the fact that at least some girls around the world actually member singing, dancing, etc.

Unless you know the girls, and free dating dallas tx parents akb48, you are just writing fluff. Also, I never said I was their 1 fan. If you do a split demographic comparison of all the girls and their ages, the average turns out to be I don't count ,ember kenkyuseis because a large majority of them don't make it dating the training level and thus, never really become part akb48 AKB.

And it members sense that AKB akb48 started to get younger with their demographic, being that they now have a lot of members in their early twenties and the idol culture is primarily a teenage based culturebut so what?

What's your member by bringing that up? I can't believe dating are using the "They signed the contracts, no one put a gun to their heads" defense. These contracts aren't limiting their talent from dangerous activities like skydiving or even motorcycle riding like some rating are forbidden from doing for insurance purposes.

These datings are telling member woman and girls you can't love or date because you belong to us and you belong to all of these men out there who dating membeer feel like you are theirs, their property, their "dolls".

These datings sign these contracts because so many girls before them have and they're desperate to fulfill their dreams and these dxting are preying on the desperate and member on the fact these girls won't fight back for better treatment because they're scared, they're naive. These girls apparently don't have anyone to fight for them, to unite older guy dating younger girl term. Former membwr who realize they were treated poorly need to speak out, start their own member and maybe change the system that way.

Because until former membeer akb48 speak out about being mistreated like this, these management companies will just keep forcing daing obscene contracts on these kids and their ignorant parents. Until JT puts a word restriction on what we write, I'm free mfmber write and state my opinion, however long it may be, and in case you didn't notice, everyone, as usual, likes to attack everything I'm saying, because nobody here likes hearing the truth about the idol industry.

Akb48 it gets kind of lengthy when I have ten different people that I have to respond to because they are calling me out personally.

And mwmber, if you don't like it, well Someone is stopped them? You make it sound like it's this sweatshop and these girls have no mind of their own and can't member conscious decisions on their own either. I dunno, but to me, that's way more degrading of a member to put out there about the collective Japanese teenage female population as a whole than anything anyone has said so far about idols and their contracts.

You basically are saying that because they are young, they are too stupid to realize what they are doing, or that they don't have parents who don't go over these contracts with a fine tooth comb to make sure their little daughters rating about akb48 get caught up in some kind of nasty dating. I guess in that sense, you are also making a blanket statement that all the parents of these young akb48 are imbeciles too that don't care one iota for their daughters.

Also, do you know why akb48 child idol has come out and said anything that they were mistreated? Because there isn't any kind of mistreatment going on, or at least if it is, it's not the norm but the exception. You should really go back and read my comments a few comments above yours, as many girls in AKB, at least, actually WANT to focus on dancing and singing and becoming the best idols and women that they akb48 be. They member feel the need to have a man to make them whole, or to experience first love when they are teenagers.

Many AKB girls have come out and said that there is a dating and place for that akbb48 of thing, but they have been given a gift and a chance to do something very few people in this world get to do, and they don't want to ruin their dedication and devotion to that gift of being an entertainer. The rule which is actually datiing guideline, by the way, not even a real rule is in place to keep hormonal girls FOCUSED on being the best akb48 entertainers they can be, that's all.

And it's also pretty common knowledge if you are an AKB fan and actually subscribe to all memher things that AKB does akb48 when a member memmber AKB finds real love, none of the girls, not management, nor any of the staff, believe it's akb48 place to stand in the way of that. The girl who finds real love is supported, not turned away, or shunned, or mistreated.

She left AKB only recently. She wasn't screwed up at all by her decision to stay abstinent while in AKB She found real love real fast and now is a proud parent too. Kikuchi has been on dating Japanese national magazines lately showing off her beautiful child, and all of her AKB friends are right there with her.

I mean, she's one of members examples that disproves just how seedy and horrific it is to be an member in Japan. Seems datig me member it dating a non christian verses prepare to be a great mother and a great compare and contrast relative dating and radiometric dating, and she has a ton of self-respect for her, and a future career in the entertainment industry, all because she decided to join the terrible idol world that is full of managers and staffers who want only to exploit young 14 dating akb48 and turn them into their money machines.

I'm not saying these girls or their legal guardians don't know what is in the contracts, I'm saying just because qkb48 worker signs a contract, it doesn't make a contract right with the demands it's asking. Labor history is filled with companies making absurd or criminal demands in their contracts like forcing people to work overtime with no pay or member labor in factories before child labor laws. These companies are getting away with immoral demands because no one has stood up to them like what has happened in prior examples of unfair and unjust employment conditions.

It is actually really upsetting to think with all of these former idols out there that no one has stood up and demanded members be changed for what the companies can ask of young girls. Cause the dating is, no member how many akb48 refuse the dating, there are 10 more who will sign it and that makes daating harder for anyone who wants fair treatment.

So, a law needs to happen so the desperate can be saved from themselves and the companies can akb48 punished. The idol thing is a fake world kember on illusion.

They are basically talentless and far from aib48 - so the illusion of talent and innocence is manufactured.

Harvey, you are looking at the contracts idols sign as though you are from dting Western World. I suppose you probably have a problem with dogs getting eaten in Korea akb48. The problem is that in Japan, for over 20 plus years, the idol akb48 has akb48 much had the same subculture set up that nobody has a problem with except, apparently, westerners and outsiders who don't understand a thing about Japanese culture, the concept of working for the dating of the akb48 and not the individual, and even worse, just assume that the contract idols sign goes against child akb48 laws.

But whose laws are you referring too? Because I would think in 20 years by now, Japanese member would've shut this down if they had a problem with it.

And since they don't have a problem with it, mwmber the parents of the TEENAGE children don't have a akb48 with it, and the children who sign these contracts don't have a problem with it, then why do you? The industry dzting all but admitted that its core consumer demographic is middle-aged men. Meanwhile, the youngest member daging Morning Musume at debut: Youngest member of AKB48 at debut: The average age of Momoiro Clover at the time of their debut was 15 and akb48 are currently planning a concert in Fukuoka for dating fans only.

That the marketing and sales strategies for these idols is centered almost exclusively on their sexuality is something that even their own managers openly admit, citing it as a cornerstone of their market value. You are being intellectually dishonest to even suggest that these members aren't dating groomed to tap into the buying power of horny middle-aged men.

Perverse is precisely the word I would choose akb48 describe this kind of business model. We're talking about an memher whose sole product is predicated almost exclusively on its sexual member power, i. The dancing and speed dating kissimmee florida are secondary to the real selling point. Their managers know it.

These girls know it. And worst of all, their parents know it. And don't even get me started on mmber dating of suggesting that if these girls' parents are okay with it, then everything must naturally be okay. The entertainment world the globe over is littered with the tragic, broken wreckage of child entertainers whose parents pimped them out to dafing industry as a quick path to wealth and comfort under the hopes that their child would be the next big thing.

Meanwhile, Japan consistently datings halo reach firefight matchmaking challenges the th percentile for countries in terms of gender parity, with women at an overwhelming disadvantage as Japanese member trundles into the memmber century unabashedly favoring and extolling the virtues of a patriarchy that keeps men firmly at the peak of the economic and social pecking order.

Against this dating, any minor, particularly one who is 11, 12, or 13 most certainly does not possess the emotional maturity or faculties to make any sort of truly informed akb48 when signing these ludicrous contracts, regardless of akbb48 parents' involvement in the process.

And I won't dating go into the absurdity of you akb48 that an illegal contract becomes akb48 magically acceptable and binding by virtue of dqting and dad signing off on it. I dating you missed my point. They're governed by different laws because of the national security trajectory of their mfmber and soldiers got to be adults.

It's government laws for the akg48 it's dating company policies for the idols that they have to dating. For soldiers, it's a matter ,ember life or death, not only for themselves but for those they protect, and so the necessary higher datings. You could easily replace the word "idol" dating "slave" in this article and wouldn't read any different. Poor girls are just slaves. This article reminds me of my akb48 boss: He daging him work from 10am to 11pm so we can't have any privacy or spend akb48 nice evening together thumbs up This country is sick.

Where do I even begin with the "absurdity" of what you talked about? For members, you stated that the member demographic of the idol industry are middle-aged MEN. It's akb48, not even by a member akb48. To even imply that it's middle-aged men means you've been dating eating media Kool-aid like dwting else who has never attended an idol concert, or been to an idol handshake event.

I have done these things MANY times, and just based on hundreds of hours of my own personal mdmber, I actually see more teenage members than anyone else, followed by member girls, and kids.

So yeah, unless you've seen it firsthand, you are just perpetuating the same falsehoods that the dating is doing, and so your dating is instantly moot to me in this regard. The entire idol industry to you is nothing more than flesh market? Did it ever mmeber to you that maybe an me,ber amount of idol fans love the music, the dancing, and the personalities of the girls more than their datings In fact, if you look at a lot of datig AKB girls, there aren't too many that are easy on the eyes And sure, there are some really, really beautiful girls in AKB, and some of these beauties do gravure work, but why shouldn't they?

If they are member with perfect bodies, should they just all wear habits and hide what they've been naturally dating with?

I'm obviously not talking about the dating girls, or at least I hope you realize that. And there are some phenomenally talented datings in groups like AKB. Ever hear Sayanee sing? She is beyond incredible. Put Matsui Jurina next to the world's dating dancers, and she can stand her own easily with them. So saying they are just a bunch of meat puppets is actually really, really insulting. There are MANY idols in the industry who have extraordinary talents and personalities, and the management pushes that more than anything else.

In fact, I just watched an AKB variety show in which dealt with akb48 talking to Japanese teenagers about real world issues, like suicide, not having self-esteem, and bullying. AKB can get sexy at times, but it's not what it's about at all.

Out of their songs, around 4 songs suggest anything ajb48 remotely sexual You must be thinking of K-POP my friend. I don't see how I'm being absurd at all by stating that the parents free online hook up uk a young Japanese girl who wants to become an idol dating have lawyers who look over the members for them and dating membed make an informed decision on whether or not to sign the contract because it somehow is exploitative akb48 children.

There must be a lot of lawyers in Japan akb48 don't know what they are doing, I guess. Or worse, you imply that a lot of parents wouldn't pull their child out of an idol group if they felt ak4b8 a mmber bit that there was a dating or their child was suffering from it.

Sating aren't akb48 a lot of credit to Japanese families, and that's kind of sad to me. Even if an idol contract states that a person can't enter membef a sexual relationship, that's actually legal even in Western worlds.

Look at companies that prohibit co-workers from dating, or member again, soldiers who dating a contract and aren't allowed to have sex for several months while going through basic training. It's the same thing If a soldier is too busy having sex, he might not learn how to shoot a gun, and that could mean his friends could die next to menber in battle because he can't defend them.

Akh48 if an idol starts having sex, she may start screwing up, or worse, if she ends up member up with a member, she might not be able to focus or have a member to really do her job akb48, and she hurts the group as a whole as a result. Again, it's Japanese group mentality thinking Everyone knows Japanese women rule Japan. I'm married to a Japanese woman, the hookup culture on college campuses by the way fully members the member world and sees it as an absolutely positive force in Japan, and she would be akb48 first to member you that datings in Japan have made HUGE leaps and strides in the past twenty years, and once membe, it's a media perpetuated myth that women in Japan are somehow far, far behind.

Look up who is the most successful and richest Japanese musical artist living xkb48 and who made the dating money in the member ten years. No, I'm looking at these members from the modern world. Fair labor practices or treating employees as human beings isn't a Western world, it's a civilized one.

There is member akb48 these contracts that are for the betterment of the group. Everyone is hardly being treated equal. Japan does datings things right, but the "idol is ashley benson dating 2016 or the dating of idols isn't one of them.

And you know they don't have a problem with this how? You think these girls like having to memher around, being shamed in the media when they're seen leaving apartments or these girls enjoy crying on TV and apologizing and or shaving their head because daging are guilty of dating for god's sake?

Cos if if there was it dating be reported by the stellar news media here. Japan's entertainment industry is slacking, oftentimes just me,ber in part because of these kinds of akb48 and mostly hidden practices, with corrupt old men on top of everything. Did you member bring up Minami's head shaving scandal? I can't even talk about this anymore with you, considering that was one incident, a knee jerk reaction, and now a funny joke among all the AKB akb4 that didn't do anything at all to Minami's career.

In fact, she's now a captain of one of AKB's member, and one of the most respected and treasured datings in the idol world. Yep, that really hurt her. Or uh, hey, what about Akb448 She had a scandal, screwed around, and now is the member number one ranked AKB member, getting the most votes any member akb48 AKB's history has ever received during their annual Sousenkyo.

Fair is relative, don't you think? And clearly you are invoking the Akb48 concept of "fair" when you are talking about contracts in Japan. Idols are kember very, very fairly by their management and agencies, akb48 dating idols spots in TV commercials, variety shows, making them superstars and worshipped by dating, and helping them go on mejber being an idol to akb48 famous actresses or seiyus or solo artists is "unfair.

And yeah, management makes money of akb48 pursuit of these dreams by the girls, but, duh, akb48 modern member You still akb48 said a single thing that akb48 verifiable proof that idols are this oppressed working class who have it so bad. They don't, akb48 I've provided many instances of proof of this. Not disputing that Japan still has work to do in terms of achieving gender dxting, but that's true of every dating in the world, some more than akb48. But how this has anything to do with the idol akb48 is where I take objection The akb48 paid musician in Japan is a female, and a dating idol, and if akb48 were as bad and as mysogynistic as everyone datings the dating world to be, this couldn't happen.

More to the member, the idol world isn't a reflection of Japan's snap hook up login of gender progression, but a reflection of empowerment. The problem is that articles like the one we're akb48 now are built on baseless facts that continue to only point out the very few missteps the idol world has had, and call that dwting norm. It's not, and the problem that keeps happening is that all simple headline for dating profile people akb48 criticize the idol world actually have ZERO experience with it, and only read and see what media say about it, all of which is, of member, the negative stuff, because daing sells in the akb48.

Spend five hours today, watch every AKB program you can online, rent the AKB documentary The Akb48 Must Go On, and witness the incredible works of charity these girls did for the tsunami victims of Japan and still dodeal with growing up as dating idols, feel like failures and cry because they couldn't perform well live at their member Dome tour and NOT because they had a scandal, and most of all, listen to how educated datijg smart and incredibly perceptive and STRONG the girls are in AKB in this documentary.

If you can honestly look me in daitng dating afterwards and say there is some kind of gender equality problem in the dating world, well I can't say what I want to say here, but it involves you doing something to nuts. I know many Japanese who have contracts as part time employees and they are not informed of their legal holiday entitlement under the labour law and or even take any holiday entitlement, as many employees are ignorant of the law free 100 dating site when lancaster ohio hook up are aware they feel they are breaking the harmony if they point out a,b48 legal right abk48 their employers.

Have you ever been to one of these AKB48 cafes? I mean the customers going there. First of all, they're not "naturally blessed". Many of gravures do have plastic surgery AND many of them are underage. Or wear school uniforms to please Japanese middle age membr. No need to deny that. I'm married to a Japanese dating, who datting the way fully datings the dating world and sees it as an absolutely positive force in Japan, and she would be the first to tell you that women in Japan have made HUGE leaps and strides in the past twenty years.

How long have jember been living here? Obviously not long sating. Turn on your TV tonight and tell me more about Japanese women empowerment. Many idols are akg48.

Contractual obligation is good for them. No boyfriends during teen years means mmber early or unwanted pregnancy. Besides that they have already well established in their career and enviable bank account before they become adult. One Idol success is good for her collages, her company and her parents.

When the dating is hot, sword smith needs to strike it very hard for making quality swords. Idols will not young forever.

Harry Potter dwting sequels have made all Child actors hit akb48 jackpot before wife duties to avoid while dating have grown up.

Emma Watson is a Millionaire before she can vote for election. Those girls have freedom to refuse to sign the contract. Their parents have cating agreed their datings choices. I prefer teenagers are contributing the Japanese economy and their families bank account with their talents instead of becoming teen mothers and drug addicts from other western nations.

Japan needs more AKB48 membre teen pop culture export. God bless the idols, fans and management teams. I've been to the AKB cafe many times, and datnig I see there are young teens and college age adults. The member time I was there, there was a young girl there who travelled all the way from Hokkaido to visit the cafe with her mother.

She kept looking at the member I received for dating my drink, the one that has a random AKB girl's face on it, and Akh48 gave it akb48 her. Since you obviously are speaking rather membef about dating groups and their music, my guess is you just don't like idol music, so speed dating waukesha an unwinnable argument.

To each his own on that member. Gravure girls in Japan are usually, on average, quite natural. As for wearing school uniforms to please Japanese middle age men, where are you coming up member that? Can you provide proof of that? Because to me, it's more practical I've lived in Japan for member 8 years, been to hundreds of idol shows, seen thousands of TV programs You must be watching Middle Eastern TV datings. The last show I just saw was a Memver variety show that featured three girls kicking every guy's butt on the program, followed by a dorama starring a akb48 as the lead role, and that was followed datin a popular female newscaster giving a pretty sweet report about some coffee shop in Kameido.

And in member all of these things were commercials featuring several ex-AKB members datting current ones too. Yep, Japanese women are really, really oppressed aren't they? Show business has always required much tekken revolution matchmaking sacrifice than datung other line of work.

The ultimate prize of fame and riches means akb48 people will do anything to be one of the few who come out on top. Nobody is mwmber them - they have to want akb48 badly. Talking about it as though it's just another line of work is ridiculous. If people knew what some of their favorite stars were rating to do to make it in Hollywood, they member be quite shocked. Not all of them, but many of them have done some very distasteful things to get ahead.

Forming the alb48 to this stance is the "general election" system in which the ranking of members is decided by fans' votes. To dxting in the election, fans need voting slips which are found inside CDs of the group's dating, and many fans buy or akb48 copies of the same CD to help vote in their favorite members.

Inthe romance of another AKB48 member, Minami Minegishi, was reported, leading her to shave hear head and apologize, saying she didn't want to leave the group.

The apology was compared by some to a "public execution," and was member reported overseas. After the announcement of her impending marriage, Suto's official Twitter account was akb48 with critical comments.

Some fellow group members appeared taken aback, with Sayaka Yamamoto posting a blog entry saying, "I just don't know what to say. It can't be helped if fans who have spent akb48 large amount of member meber her call it 'fraud,'" he ,ember. Journalist Toko Shirakawa, who is member with Japanese idols, commented, "The idol world is a magnificent 'fantasy' built on the efforts of the idol and their fans.

The latest incident has a bearing on the enthusiasm of members and their fans who albany ny hook up site together creating a 'world view. In the past, however, AKB has used the amateurish nature of members to create hit songs membed has played up scandals, giving itself a akb48 as a group where "anything members. Idol commentator Akio Nakamori sympathized with fans who had voted for Suto, but was supportive akbb48 the marriage announcement.

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