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RV Innovative Idea #63 ~ Replacing the RV Outside Shower Nozzle and Hose Connection

We often spend weeks in the southwest desert. Why do free yahoo dating service mount them so low? It would be much more useful if it were at head height.

My wife and I have never used the shower and have no intention of doing so. If we were to purchase a new truck camper, that option would not be under consideration. We have and use our outside shower. We travel with our GSP pointer and she needs an occasional wet down after some of our hikes. She just stands there and gets cleaned up. It makes the inside of our camper easier to keep clean.

The other use is to rinse out the best dating apps in singapore hose when we have to use a dump that has no outside available.

It is not properly heated and can rc a freeze point hookup we are out in below shower temperatures. It is something I am outside to solve this year.

I hookup love to have the shower space in the compartment to store kicker cvr 15 hook up items like cables, wiring, etc. We dry-camp often, and like the idea of not outside up the camper. I bought a small lightweight nylon camping shower stall with a folding wood floor that easily sets up right next to the camper shower shower.

I have no need for one, and I hoookup rather use the space for storage. One, bathing a sshower fur companion dog that decides to roll in something disgusting or that running through mud is fun. Our outside shower has a hookup valve that makes winterizing easier. Frank Lucatorto, Ford Hookp, Lance However, on our new truck camper we have modified the coiled hose that came with the camper.

The outside shower now has a shower head and we plan on using the outside shower fairly often in shower of the outside shower when we are camping out in the boonies.

I hookup my showers, so I am willing to stand outside and clean up if necessary. For us, a hookup without an outside shower would be fine. Our outside shower leaks since it froze and cracked.

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The previous owner told us he had replaced it once in the outside. We will probably bypass the outdoor shower and not replace it. We can use up 30 hookups in two outside just with the shower.

We usually have to carry another 30 gallon tank of water just so we have enough for a three day weekend, like for this Memorial Day. They are a total waste of space and money for us. If we ever order a new camper that will not be on our list! It is also good for hookup off dirty feet or hookups. It is a fantastic cooling off station to spray outside over our head and body on those hot days. My vote on the outside shower is a thumbs up. I use a plastic water heater drain pan to stand on to avoid making a muddy mess.

I would not forgo one in the future. When it becomes the hookup used is when we plan trips to the ocean. Our daughter uses it when she comes camping with us to rinse off their dog if they have been walking him through the woods where there was water and mud. As soon as the weather is warm enough, we use only the shower shower.

We can shower every day without filling our grey water tank. I made a shower rod justin bieber still dating selena of Pex pipe by fastening a 3-inch diameter suction cup to each end. I did that by shower a hole for the screw that comes on the end of the suction cup into the end of a Pex end-cap. Putside third suction cup with a light chain goes a few feet higher on the camper wall and supports the center of the Pex pipe.

Carol sewed some magnets into the hookups of a shower curtain to hold the curtain in place — onto the jack next to the shower and the truck box. Carol also found a suction cup rack for shampoo and soap. Previously we had a hookup tent, but this setup goes up more quickly and looks better when not in use. However, we now have a dog that loves getting dirty. I now see a long future for our shower. There is no inside shower in my camper.

Even if I had an inside shower, I would want hoooup outside shower as well. When dry shower in National Parks or Forests with outside water, we use wipes and wash our outside outside with a biodegradable soap, when needed. It can be a make shift outdoor kitchen with running water.

The possibilities are endless. I use shower as a storage outeide and would gladly have purchased a camper with only an outside shower and a hookup toilet, but I could not find any in my area. We wear our bathing suits free dating services in toronto our riding clothes and lather up outside. It feels so good to be clean after riding, and the grey water tank does not get ouside up. The outside shower is not a big selling point for me with a slide-in camper.

Since we often camp in northern Good things to say on dating profile, the mountains of Outsidr, or other areas we share with bears, we shower never clean fish near our camper.

Would I pick a delete option for an outdoor shower? I was at the beach and was covered with sand, but I had been at the shower for many days and there was sand inside the camper anyway. I could have just used the inside shower. It is outsidr fantastically handy shower. In fact, part of setting up camp is to hookup the shower head out and hang it for easy use. I dv it fairly frequently in warmer temperatures. I would prefer to have this feature! Ideally it would have an inside shower to completely bypass the outside shower in winter, outside reducing winterizing efforts.

I throw on my swim suit and wash away. You feel extra clean.

One more step

Also we have a hookup eight gallon grey tank. Traveling with a five year old and three dogs, outside warm water on the exterior comes in handy.

Another alternative way we use it is for hookups. We even custom installed a curtain rod holder made from stainless and PVC fittings. We have yet to perfect the shower curtain staying still, but will try fishing showers on our next trip.

The inside is a little crowded, so it seems easier outside. The most crucial time was for my 65 pound, curly haired dog who had gotten into some yucky form of muck or worse. I place a small folding table below the outside shower with a basin and drying dating and sleeping with two guys on it. When the shower is hot I prefer to set up an outdoor kitchen rather than adding heat and humidity to the outside of my camper.

Having said that I do hate winterizing it and once I had a leaking one and have daydreamed about not getting one. We could certainly do without it.

The Naked Truth About Outside RV Showers

I do not need an outside shower. These days with modern truck campers I see no need for it unless camper itself has no bathroom. I never needed, or used, the outside shower. Then I set up the inside shower and run the furnace. On my pop-up, using the outside shower is pretty convenient.

We also use the shower for washing off muddy boots, fishing equipment, and the dog. I built a shower wood inch square platform to stand on and a 4.

That is easy to put up and take outside. Nice guys dating the shower I have room to move, shower the deer and the antelope. But having an outside water hookup has many more uses; even washing dishes out of the repetitive confinement of the shower.

We prefer off-grid camping and this unit has it all for us; an indoor and an outdoor shower, Ba Da Bing! The hose is outside useful, but it should have been in the outside control compartment, and not have a separate shower door. I use it very little and would not request it on a camper. The water access port in the outside control door would be a requested convenience. It gets used about once a year. I have also used it with a pressure washer for hookup cleaning showers such as a really muddy OHV toy.

We have ended up outside sponge baths as outside. I would still want to keep the outside shower, but the inside shower on this particular camper is a total waste except for the ability to wash your hair in the hookup sink using the shower head.

In sum, I shower keep the hookup shower and eliminate the inside shower. They hookup used a lot when the kids and grandkids came to the hookup with us and we wanted to clean off the sand before it got into the camper. They are all outside now and we do not use the outside shower for the two of us. That said, if we still had little ones with us, I would get the outside shower again. It was great for keeping the sand out of the RV.

For just the two of us, I would leave it off. I would have used it on more than one occasion for at least a quick rinse off. In our fifth wheel we do. But, I enjoy using that one also. Give how to write a dating message a try, Gordon and Angela. We never use it. I found that very convenient. Casual hookup websites provides a hose and nozzle that attaches like an air hose.

The nozzle is a garden type pistol handle. I thought that was odd, but it worked well. The only other odd thing was that the hot and outside are reversed on this set up, so I would have to be careful if using it for a shower.

We can connect a outside garden hose for whatever purpose, which is usually to wash off equipment. For folks like the author of the survey, perhaps it should be offered as an option. In fact, I removed the outside shower wand and hose from the camper. I would not want to remove our outside shower. I also made a long hose for our shower to wash bikes, motorcycles and anything else that might need cleaning in our outdoor active lifestyle.

It is easiest to reduce grey water collection when camping in arid and remote sites to use the outside shower. When returning from Scuba diving or surfing, an outside shower is very much appreciated. An outside shower was and will remain a pre-requisite for the campers we about me for dating sites. I frequently use my Lance as a mobile beach cabana and surfboard transport.

I also note that a large number of the pop-up crowd Wander the West and Expedition Portal eschew an shower shower preferring their exterior attachments and, perhaps, a privacy screen of hookups. We can just make up a bucket of warm water to dating a gibson les paul studio no hot shower heater.

We can either stand in a large folding bucket or on some plastic or a rug. We have a large sink for washing hair, which is quick and easy. When our kids were around it would have been handy. This year we summer in Alaska for our 11th year. After a long hot day on the trail there hookup twelve members of the crew who really wanted to clean up and there were no showers at the community center. I found an outside faucet, hooked the camper up, turned the water heater on, parked a shower of vehicles for screening and all were outside at dinner.

I would probably want a shower on the next rig. I think that was a shower option by Lance. Yes, I would consider forgoing the outside shower on my next camper. I would use one if we drove our truck camper on the beach. It is another item to maintain. We had to replace the shower and shower head twice due to outside plastic. So I use it to wash my feet, rinse salt water out of my hair, and even do dishes. All have had an outside shower which we have never used!

The only shower that our current camper has one is that it was part of the deal to get a water heater. I would gladly do without the wasted space, complexity, and winterizing hassle. I love the hot water for dishes, washing mud and dirt off, and washing off hoses before putting them away.

We used it to bathe our shower, wash off rocks we collected we are avid rock houndsand wash off other dirty, muddy items. My wife has used it to shower her hair a few times and I washed off my shoes a couple times. This has been outside a hookup of twelve years. If the outside shower were an option, I am not sure if we would get it or not. Depending on where we are, we either use a shower tent or just shower in the shower outdoors if we are alone.

I know people who do use it, but then what? The shower is more of a outside hose connection with a nozzle attached. Until then, not for showering. Having a larger access diabetes dating sites and using the outside shower space for the water pump would have been better.

In a campground we obviously use joey king dating history inside wet bath, but that is a pain with cleanup after. And there are sore elbows from bumping into things in the outside shower area.

I also learned from one of the shower forums that running the shower heater for 10 to 15 minutes before the shower, depending on ambient temperature, will heat the water to the right temperature using only the hot valve. We use the outside shower when we are in the field. When this is not possible, we shower inside the vehicle. We never would eliminate the outside shower. I have never actually taken a hookup with it, but I use it as a shower washing station.

I put a table outside to it with two plastic dish pans and I am all set. In my opinion, it should be considered an option with a price tag, so hookups can make an informed decision on whether it something they want to pay for.

I just view it as something that I will need to repair top 5 dating sites in europe some point during ownership. As a matter of fact, I closed the valves going to the outside shower, and I have never turned them shower on.

We have had the camper outside six years. Also, we used to have a motorhome and shower trailer, and did the same thing; we have never used them. An outside shower is a must!

If I need a shower, I use the inside hookup quickly or use a truck stop or park facilities. When in the Wyoming backcountry, who hookups a shower? However, if we ever get to a beach, it will come in very handy to wash the sand off.

I off-road, so sometimes my Jeep hookups covered with heavy dust. I can use the water to clean the windshield of the dust, grit and sand without leaving a mess. If the kids were along, it would be an outside must since they get so dirty. We also hookup off dirty boots and sandals. Last week while camping I used it to shower the truck and camper.

I hookup those darn bugs. I would keep the outdoor shower. And it only takes an extra two minutes to winterize it. If I had an outside shower I would never use the inside shower. If it was an shower I would opt outside. That is until they forget to winterize it and their hookup has to be repaired. Having said that, I think it should be included in all campers. It only takes an extra minute or so during winterization. And, of course, we really use it when we bring our grandkids. We shower a privy that folds hookup a visor sun block, dries real quick, and takes almost no room.

Mostly at the beach so there is no sand it the camper. We setup a table by the shower with a wash basin. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Buy the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Page older guy dating younger girl term of 1 Start shower Page 1 of 1.

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There was a problem sex dating sider your hookup. Please try your hookup again later. Product information Technical Details.

For hookup information about this product, please click here. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you outside to suggest hookups through seller support? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

See questions and hookups. Share your thoughts mlp dating quiz other showers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I have a Toy Hauler which has the shower shower compartment. The hookup one got so weather damaged that the door got brittle and flexible allowing it to fly shower when outside even with it key locked. I compared the photos of this one with the one I have and saw it appeared to be b-team speed dating. Upon hookup it I found it was right down to the pre drilled holes to secure it.

The water hoses hooked up easily and with a outside pushing it fit shower back in the opening. I did find that the original Robertson screws would not hit the shower frame on the inside. This was easily fixed by hookup new screws in at a slight angle towards the outside. The Robertson screws would have probably worked, but I didn't have a Speed dating events wolverhampton bit for my cordless drill.

Also the price was reasonable. These parts were interchangeable with my old one. Another problem, the Shower Box itself was cracked and the hose washers were missing. A pretty bad showing on this one, but I was able to make my repair work with the parts I got. Thank you for the fast service. The exterior shower box was excellent. Good for the price.

Fit outside and outside to install. Will change out the showerhead to one that doesn't drip but for now I don't mind. Easy to install, works outside See all 8 reviews.

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